How we got here:

The Back the Badges BBQ was the brain child of Eric Seymour who is a former Navy Corpsman, Paramedic and Law Enforcement Officer himself. After moving into the business world Eric wanted to find a way to pay it forward to a community that works so hard to keep us safe. Eric had the idea of a BBQ, but not the ordinary hamburger and hot dog setup, he wanted an all out Texas BBQ. When Eric went to his wife Sara about the event she was super excited about the idea and the lesson of teaching their son to pay it forward and showing respect to those who are willing to give all. Eric next turned to his then office manager and right hand Sasha (the heavy lifter) and said, " I have an idea". 4 weeks later and largely due to Sasha that first year we launched with a bang. Between Sara, Eric and Sasha they took the idea and made it what it has become today.   We are so excited to have turned our small pay it forward project into Back the Badges BBQ Foundation a 501 (c)(3).

Announcing Coming Events

Events April 24th-Annual Back the Badges BBQ Sponsored by HungerRush & Mamitas! Postponed April 25th-Annual Back the Badges Community Event at Lakeline Mall 

Share The Big News:

We are so excited to be creating a deep and more meaningful relationship with The Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation. Hear about their new branding and incredible mission below In other exciting news we will officially be taking Back the Badges to North Little Rock later this year! Thanks to some incredible individuals we have officially purchased a trailer which will allow our events to travel.

Back the Badges BBQ's

What started out as our small pay it forward BBQ has turned into our flagship event we have grown to perfect over the years. Our Texas BBQ's are meant to show a little love to the first responder community for all they do for us. On the day of the event we cover breakfast, lunch and dinner hitting every shift in a day. We pride ourselves in making sure that FIRE/EMS/POLICE/DISPATCH are all included.

Support for First Responders in their time of need!!!

Coming soon

Community Outreach

It has always been our goal to try to help bridge the gap between our first responders and the Community they service. With the addition of community events with our partners from Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, local businesses and more our goal is to open hearts and minds. A common respect and mutual level of cooperation between our first responders, local businesses and the community makes us all safer.